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Los Angeles Civil Litigation Lawyer for Serious Injury Matters

The Law Office of Tal Rubin, PC is a Los Angeles-based civil litigation firm serving all of southern California, with a focus on litigating major personal injury cases. We handle all aspects of a personal injury claim, from conducting the initial investigation immediately following the accident to taking a personal injury claim through trials, mediations, settlements and appeals. We handle new matters relating to recent accidents, and we also take the lead on existing claims, through both referrals from other attorneys and inquiries from previously unrepresented parties, where initial negotiations have failed to produce adequate results for clients.We excel in taking on and winning the most difficult legal matters and catastrophic cases, where an injured victim may require ongoing medical treatment for decades and may be experiencing long-term pain and suffering and inability to work at pre-accident levels. These cases commonly include serious injuries such as head trauma, brain injury, spinal injury, fractures requiring multiple surgeries, and severe internal injuries.

Experience Matters. Find an attorney committed to obtaining the maximum recovery on your behalf.

Tal Rubin has a proven record of jury trial success in bringing and winning challenging personal injury cases. In a recent matter, Mr. Rubin took on a legal challenge most other personal injury lawyers shy from, and obtained a jury verdict in excess of $895,000 against 24-Hour Fitness when a personal trainer dropped a dumbbell on the gym member client. The case required a showing of gross negligence, which is an extremely difficult showing to make against a commercial health club in court.

When searching for a personal injury attorney to represent you in your injury, a critical difference between attorneys is their ability to prove and recover the full range of damages that a plaintiff is entitled to over the course of their lifetime under California law. Proving a client’s medical needs over the course of decades, as well as proving the amount of potential income the victim will have lost over that same time and the full range of pain and suffering that will be endured, is an extremely complex calculation, often requiring the assistance of medical and financial experts. An attorney’s ability to assemble and argue a compelling case for your full damages in front of the court and all-important jury who will decide your compensation can mean the difference between having the economic needs of you and your dependents met for decades to come, or continuing to suffer the ill effects of your injuries without proper compensation. While many personal injury attorneys may be willing to do the minimal work to obtain a low-ball settlement for your injuries, attorneys committed to you and your family’s well-being will put in the hard work and go to any length to obtain the maximum compensation owed for your injuries.

The Law Office of Tal Rubin, PC. Here When You Need Us.

At the Law Office of Tal Rubin, PC, we are prepared to go the distance for each and every one of our clients, providing them with the highest level of client service every step of the way. We take pride in keeping close contact with our clients, who may reach out to us anytime, 24 hours a day, for any matter. We strive to do whatever is necessary to get them through this difficult process. This includes referring clients with no medical insurance to medical specialists who will work on a lien basis and provide all necessary treatment for their injuries. We also handle all aspects of property damage, if needed, at no cost to our clients.

The Law Office of Tal Rubin, PC provides legal services on a contingency basis. This means that, if we do not recover, we will charge no legal fee. We will advance all costs of litigation, including filing fees, depositions, accident reconstruction and other expert witness fees. We will be at your side throughout the legal process; our goal is to provide not only legal advice and assistance, but comfort and care as you and your family go through the difficult times following an accident. Please call the Law Office of Tal Rubin, PC today to schedule a free consultation.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I retained Tal Rubin to represent me in connection with a serious back injury. Mr Rubin filed a lawsuit on my behalf, and litigated it vigorously until he obtained an extremely favorable result. He was dedicated and professional throughout the litigation process and I feel lucky to have had him by my side.

— Ms. Resnik
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